Tuesday, November 21, 2017

The Holiday Series: Black Friday Getup

Guten tag. It's another day in the blog world and I feel great to be alive. Once again I'm energized by the developing friendships with you sweet ladies! Ada, from Elegance and Mommyhood continues her hard work and fab Holiday Series post with a Black Friday outfit inspiration! Still need Thanksgiving inspiration? Check out the first post of the series HERE.

When I think of the crowded stores, unpredicatble temps, the possibility of carrying a lot of bags, etc, I plan my outfit to be comfortable and smart!
First, I start with comfortable shoes and this year I'm happy to have my trendy and cute Adidas to tromp around in. Then I go for my absolute favorite pair of pants - these joggers from the GAP. Already in the works are plans to hit up my local GAP for another pair. Lastly, I usually layer a long sleeve tee with a warm vest. This way I can suffer through a little cold while going in and out of stores, but don't have to deal with a bulky jacket once inside.  

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Almost a Baker Boy Hat

Hey friends! Yesterday I found myself staring through the clothes in my closet hoping inspiration would magically transform. Well, sometimes ideas do seem to magically appear, but yesterday wasn't one of them. The struggle was real and looked like this...


I could wear my green denim. No. I always wear those and I've blogged about them way too many times.
My distressed denim. No. That was in my last blog post.
Leggings? Yeah, but what long top do I want to pair with them?
I should wear this new cardigan so I can blog about it. No. Not feeling it.

I pulled a few top/vest combinations out in hopes to be inspired further. Nothing.

I gave up and resorted to scrolling Pinterest, as well as my Pureple App that I used once upon a time. (They revamped their software several months back and I lost the ability to connect my uploaded photos to their online site. I've yet to motivate myself to upload everything again.)

Monday, November 13, 2017

Plaid Top and Cupcake Adventures

Hello! Today's post is filled with drivel about the weather, a peak into the everyday runnings of a stay home mom, as well as my latest cupcake adventures. So please, take a moment and share in this crazy life. I love to hear from you! Your comments, as well as shared stories enrich my day exponentially!

Shall we being with the fact that Georgia began the week with temps in the high 70s and then dropped down to the 50s within a 24 hour period?? These photos were taken in the 70s, but the wind and overcast pall should have clued us in to what was coming next.

Sandals and slightly ventilated jeans didn't keep me as cool as I thought, but those mornings can be deceivingly cool. One can attempt layering but some days...