Wednesday, April 18, 2018

It's A Nice Day For Nuetrals

Hello!  Today I'm featuring two neutral looks, styled with the same pair of jeans! However, I struggle with what content to share. I stare off into space, I look at my pictures for this post, watch birds peck away at the ground for breakfast and still nothing. Not ready to give up yet, I take a momentary brain break and check Facebook for notifications (don't judge. wink.). There's nothing of importance so,  I go to put my phone down and then I see it. A quote posted by a friend from Madeleine L'engle, the author of "A Wrinkle in Time".

Friday, April 13, 2018

ICYMI: Fashion, Confessions & Cupcakes

Hello sweet friend! I hope your week is going well! I'm going to be honest, mine has been up and down. And the most frustrating aspect of this is that there's no good reason for it. My family is healthy, I'm healthy, we can pay our bills, and the list goes on. I will say that we are experiencing some changes in my husband's place of work, which also happens to be our church family. He is not the lead pastor, in fact, as of October 2017, our lead pastor resigned to work for a wonderful ministry not too far from us. So we are in a big transition and I hesitate to mention this, more because I worry that I'll bore you. I keep the blog light, however I want a balance of my silly side as well as my "adulting" side.
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